Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jam Packed Last Days!! 29.12.12

aww man only one more sleep till i hop on a plane back to Aus! oh nu :'c

I havent had a proper rest today.. at all.
So when i got home after my granddads sashimi dinner, i stayed up to wait for mary to come home who was out on some company party (these things are compulsory.. the managers like full force you to drink)
When mary finally came home, half drunk and half crazy, it was around 3am! And from as soon as she got home, we (yes WE) had to write her thesis cause she had to hand it in for a progress mark or smth and get it signed for a pass!

I atually wrote quite a bit and if you read her thesis, theres my stuff in it!! heheoeyeoh 8)
We SOMEHOW managed to get it all done by 6am and we had to leave to go get it printed all proffessionally then hand it into her professor.
By then i was like half dead.. and had a power nap at the printing place before we headed off to get it signed off!

They were all meeting at Jamsil (where lotte world is) so while Mary was getting her thesis signed, i napped at lotte world plaza for about an hour. Then we had to head off to have lunch with my relos on my mums side! this was arond 10.

omg such a hektik morning @@

But it was all worth it! My granddad bought us STeamed CHicken Stew!!! so good zomgsh

mmm mm mm massive plate of chickenn!!

So we stayed at my grandparents and just talked for hours with my favorite uncle again :D
It was really nice! omgsh gonna miss them so much :'( :'(
Then it was time for us to leave.... garh so sad! BUT ILL BE BACK SOON! SO YAY FOR THAT!


So tonight was the night... the night where i finally got to eat LIVE SQUID! (well technically its petrified squid cause they just cut it all up and its still moves for like 15 minutes)

me and my sister trekked it to this really famous and expensive squid place where they sold all sorts of wasky squid dishes!

SUch a cute logo for such a cruel and deadly house @@

as per usual, we got our awesome side dishes (these were so good o.o we got refills of like everything :L)



me busily eating away 8)

lol it was sticking to my lips :L 

then she ended up eating most of it haha! we legends 8)

Heres a few videos of our awesome moving squid! word of warning!! IF UR SQUEAMISH DONT WATCH!

It took us so long to finish it cause you have to chew like crazy so it doesnt kill you...

we demolished everythingggg! it was so good!

After our satisfying and exciting meal, we walked back out and found the tank where they keep the squid before they chop em all up! ..
we were full putting on funny voices going "we ate your brotherrrs heyeoheyoeh"... we have no souls @@ think we were drunk on yummyness 8)
sorry mr squid .. but you guys are just too yummy ...



Then after dinner, we decided to go relax at jjimjilbang since last time i went by myself which was no fun :C

YAY no more forever arone!
lol but it was so awkward and we had to go in with like special action plans and schedules so we didnt have to see each other naked @@
I worked! and i literally slept in the 39.4 degree bath for like an hour :D think that was kinda dangerous but OH WELL! it was soo relaxing. and i looked like a dumpling afterwards 8)

Then after bath, i decided to use one of those hardcore exfoliator things and gritted my teeth and scrubbed allll my skin off :L
But tbh, it felt really refreshing and so clean! I think i turned a few shades lighter afterwards :L im like covered in soft new skin now hehehe 8)


THen after washing and scrubbing, we went to rest at the jimjil area :D

hehe we brought cucumbers from home so we could do cucumber facials heheh

sah hot.

i ended up picking all of mine off my face and eating them after 5 minutes... :3 mm salty LOL dw dw my face is like super clean from the hardcore exfoliation!

i made our awesome ram towel hats!

we got these special eggs cooked in some special thing here in the bath house..
have no idea what but they tasted amazeballs.

we tried cracking the eggs on each others head but only 1 cracked.. the others hurt like crazy and i think we both have massive bruises on our skulls now @@

then we also got Shikhae! which is this really traditional ice rice drink :D must get one if you ever go! so good!
we look very happy hehe

luvos with the delicious eggs 8)

just resting :D

it has been a pretty awesome and memorable last few days in korea!

We decided to leave at around 1am cause it was too loud at the jimjil area for anyone to sleep @@

So now its 2:20am and im leaving in less than 24 hours :c

but it snowed shitloads today! so maybe my flight will be delayed and ill get to hang out a little more with my sister! .. unless they tell me its delayed once im inside the boarding area place thing like last time @@ urgh trapped obama self...

Ngaw, im leaving today...thats so sadd... i wish i could have stayed for longer :C korea has been awesome and ive really gotten attached to this busy lifestyle and pushy strangers :L Ive had so much fun just wandering around, being a tourist by myself! and it was so awesome to meet all my relatives, especially my sister! going to miss you lots pooface :D thanks for hanging out with me even though you had your massive thesis to do! <3 

But ill be back soon Korea!! and who knows, maybe if i study real hard, ill get to transfer to a korean uni like my sister and get to live here for a few years! :O
we'll seeeee!!

MM but yay im coming home guysss! please dont call me out or make any special plans for the next 2 weeks cause im not going to be able to fit through my front door (i weighed myself today and zomg i actually gained 4 kilos in 3 weeks.. is that even possibru?????) sigh.. shall try lose all this holiday weight and finally bask in some aussie summer sun without looking like a beached whale! :D

see you guys soon! xx


Sashimi-ing! 28.12.12

omegosh omesogh only 2 more days till i leave korea! NOOOO

Today my Granddad on my dads side and his younger brother (second granddad) took me to eat my most favorite food in the world! SASHIMIIIIIIII
Apparently the Jung Family loves and knows their fish.. legit theyre like fish experts, full teaching me tricks on how to avoid getting a mouthful of bones haha. Anyway, so they loved the fact that i looveddd fish (esp salmon and sashimi) and they had promised to take me one day. AND TODAY WAS MY LUCKY DAY!

So i was meeting them for dinner and i didnt really have anything to do that day, so i just went around Gwanghwamun where the big famous golden statue guy lives. I think he invented our language? and the statue infront is famous for his Turtle ship or smth....


I was being a hardcore tourist taking hardcore photos of these bad boys when suddenly the dark and cloudy sky lit up with spot lights and the surrounding traffic was drowned out by the craycrayziest song in the world.. Gangnam Style.
I was like WHAAAA

So i walked a lil closer and found that the whole area was lined with seats and there were those massive cameras and other filmy shiz everywhere.

Sae Jung Dae King. 

lots of cameray shiz!

Bam spotlights and music!

they were getting ready for some performance thing happening later that night.. never figured out what for tho .. hmm

AFter wandering around and chilling at a cafe, i headed out to meet my granddads! :D
and omgg they took me to this really famous place where they sell really fresh and awesome sashimi along with a kazillion weird and wacky side dishes!
I swear it was like a 80 course meal :L

SO first they gave us the side dishes and Muscle Soup (the black pot) 
THen came the massive plate of fresh sashimi which tasted like heaven 8)

THe side dishes werernt like the usual ones you see in everyday korean restaurants! THese were epic! There was Edame Beans, Nokdu Pajeon (special green pancake thing) Fried octopus, Quail eggs and Bbondaeggi (boiled silk worms). They all tasted soo soo soo good!

After nomming away on the moutain of food, more food came out!

Salt-fried fish, spicy fish stew and 2 massive rolls of roe kimbap!! soo gooodd!!

THen when i thought my stomach was about to explode.. MORE FOOD CAME OUT!

clear fish bone soup to cleanse our palettes and stop our breaths from stinking like fish :L twas amazing!

AFter dinner, we caught a cab for my granddad and my second granddad took me around Dongdaemun shopping places. He owns one of the shopping malls called "Pyeongwha Shijang/market" He is super rich!

And hes super cute and hip! He was all like "ooh lets take a selca! yeyeyrrr "
I think hes one of my fav granddads too!

ngaw! I dont think we look too alike aye 

He dropped me off at the nearest station where we said our goodbyes :c it was the last time i was going to see him for a another few years i guess.. unless someone decides to get married again! AYE AYE GO GO GO!

Ngaw gonna miss my family in Korea so much :'c


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Grandparents :3 27.12.12

SO i just came back from my Grandaparents (on my mums side)'s house. I love my grandparents, theyre the best people in the world!
THey used to live in Australia when i was a kid but as my Grandma grew older (shes 2 years older than my grandpop) it was better for her to move back to Korea. 
I was so close with them and i missed them sooo much :C
its just sad i didnt visit earlier! :'c

My uncle (mums younger brother) takes care of them and i got to see him too. Hes my favorite uncle and the only uncle ive ever seen (related by blood). 
Hes literally a genius with an extremely high IQ! 

Thats my uncle! i really look like him :3

I really really really look like my favorite uncle! and he could be my mums twin! We all look the same :L
You cant really see it when they were young, but right now, they look so alike @@ its trippy. THe whole time we were talking, i kept on thinking i was talking to my mum hahaha

This is a family portrait of my mum and her brothers and sisters taken aggesss ago! 

LOL this was taken back in the days of Big hair and Dragonfly glasses :L
(from top left) My favorite Uncle, My aunt that owns half of strathfield
 (from bottom left) my mum, my eldest uncle and eldest aunt. 

my mums the prettiest! ;D 

THen this is another picture taken when they were kids :L

From left: Eldest Aunt, Eldest Uncle, Fav Uncle, Aunt that owns strathfield, and my mum :3

AFter lots and lots of talking and catching up, we had a nice homemade dinner :D

me and grandma :D shes always so happy!

Grandma and Grandpa. Theyre so cute together. I LOVE OLD COUPLES! I GET ALL CHOKED UP :')

 THen i just chilled in their huge house!

living room :D

View from their apt. (crappy photo i know ==) THey get a really good view of the Hangang River which is a real big deal here in Korea. 

Uncle plays the drums! hes so goood!! Hes like a genius musician and preformer! He could have been a big time korean actor back in the day except his health got in the way :(

Then we said our goodbyes and i came back home. But we're gonna see each other again with Mary this saturday for one last family dinner before i got back :'c


Came home to this :L
she cray cray

holy moly my face scares me sometimes O.O i so hot.. like a sunrise ;D

THis was taken like 10 minutes ago :L My sister really needs to write her thesis --
Well.. this is going to be one looonnggggg night :L wish me luck ..



Forever Arone at N Tower 26.12.12

Happy Boxing Day everyone!!!
too bad they dont have a boxing day in korea :/ no massive sales or anything! but then again, everythings always on "sale" ...

So today i decided to go trekk it up to Namsan Tower!
Namsan Tower is this extremely tall centre point tower that makes sydneys centre point tower look like a matchstick.

(i actually dont know if its taller or not.. but it defs has a better view! :D )

I woke up extra early to go Namsan which was super hard cause ive been sleeping at 4am these days -- why you ask? Well my genius of a sister left her thesis to the last minute (literally) and shes been allnightering for the past few days trying to do her research and write it at the same time ==

Me motivating Mary... with a midnight snack :3 

Anyway.... I decided to take the cable car up to the tower cause its purty! But i had to walk like 10 minutes uphill to get to the damn cable place -.-

N Tower!! so close but so far...

In the cable car :D

VIew from cable

so far from the city zomggggg

It was only a 2 minute ride.. but it was literally the loudest 2 minutes of my life @@ the carriage was packed with this japanese tourist group and they were so amazed :L

THen finally got off and climbed the stairs up to N towerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


being a tourist :3

finally made it!


At the concourse of the tower, theres this big area where couples can do their thing...

these are "heart chairs" very cute ... you get it? 


ALl the trees and fences were covered in locks and chains made by couples so their love may last foreverand everrr

quite preety!

so forever arone ㅠㅠ

 i had never felt so lonely in my life! haha. All these couples were like holding hands and taking photos while i was here OBAAAMAAAA SEELFFFFFF
after the quick tour around happy dappy land, i couldnt take it anymore :L so i headed inside the tower.


Inside, there were all these little stalls of cute things, there was even a mini gallery... there was this one image that kinda resembled me at the time hahaj

i need friends -.-

THen, i got into this masssivee elevator which a huge tv screen for a ceiling! It was like one of those 4D movie things :D

the ceiling of the elevator. THe elevator went soo fast.. we were already at the top in like 2 seconds. my ears even popped!

The top of the tower is pretty much all windows! the view was so amazing! but i rekon it would have been better if i went at night.


hazy but pretty :D 
puny humans muahaha

and all the windows had all these places and cities and how far they were away from here.

only 8000 km away from home :3


After staring out into the giant city for ages, i went down to eat at the food court place :D

i got a "new york style hotdog with herby chips" 

THe food was kinda bad :/ it just tasted like cheap hotdogs and oil...
dont order anything un-korean in korea... it just tastes so wrong :'c

But dessert was amazing! :D THey had a Coldstone there which is like a Coldrock :L
I got the peppermint one. THey put in choc chips and brownie chunks! SO GOOD.

THe icecream was amazing except it was super cold that day, i think around -12 degrees and since i was up in the mountains, it was even colder.. i couldnt feel my face or hands :L

SO i found a nice quiet spot at the base of the tower and just basked in the sun OBAMA SELF. :L
quiet place :D

i may be smiling but i was in so much pain from the cold... 

more view covered by trees :D

WHile i was basking in the sun, half sleeping, half smothering my face in icecream, i found a family of ginger mountain cats!! ZOMG
So like the crazy cat lady i am, i went up to them and finally made some friends 8D

mr cat :3 mew

this was the baby of the pack 

hes like.. "get away from us, beast!"

They came so close! :O the little one started playing with my camera strap hehehe
but then i got scared i was going to get rabies so i ran away :p

AFter about like 5 more minutes, my face couldnt stand the cold anymore so i headed back downhill to catch the bus home. THe buses are so cute! theyre like caterpillar buses 8) heheh

bye caterpillar bus and namsan and its cats :L

Later that night, i went back to Hongdae to buy these really nice stockings i saw last time and headed back home where I had dinner with my sister and Jeremy.

ordered a pipi noodle soup and a redbean, rice ball soup to share. so gooodddd

THen after we got home, mary continued with her thesis and i had to stay up to keep her company and make sure that she didnt end up watching dramas...
she kept on impersonating something from SUmmer Heights High .. was all like "MISSS MISSS MISSSS" in her leb accent .. I DONT GET IT :c

I swear all these allnighters are making me more crazy..
this is me wearing a cupholder crown singing "IM THE KING OF THE WORLD"


SOME ONE SAVE ME e.e my eye bags are reaching my chin ..